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Rampant book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Forget everything you ever knew about unicorns Real unicorns are venom.
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Who could ask for anything. Try Prime Kindle Store. Astrid Llewelyn has always scoffed at her eccentric mother' s stories about killer unicorns. I mean, Killer Unicorns and the Virgin Warriors that are the only ones that can kill them? Au: Kindle Store Skip to main content. Beasts the size of elephants, with cloven hooves that shake the earth, hides impervious to bullets, and horns that contain a deadly poison, unicorns can outrun a sports car and smell a human from a mile away.

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Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Rampant. They can kill with poison in their horns, rip someone apart with their sharp teeth, and some have breath that can kill literally.

In this installment of the Killer Unicorns, more is revealed, bit by bit. Lil Nas X 2, , views. Main characters are well developed but I feel t. Diana Peterfreund has lain in silence on a forest floor while a panther stalked its prey nearby. Free delivery on qualified orders. There was one more book waiting to be mentioned. Diana Peterfreund is the author of eleven novels for adults and teens, as well as several critically acclaimed short stories and a handful of essays on popular children' s literature.

Overall, I' m really glad I had the oportunity to receive a review copy of Ascendant, it' s sequel, so I again got more interested in reading Rampant, more than I was before.

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At first I planned on reading it for a school project, but the book was a little too inappropriate for my catholic school you have to be a virgin to be a unicorn hunter. The Killer Unicorns 0. We find out what happened to Brandt, what the Remedy is, some about Cory' s problem, what Gordian has been up to, who Astrid' s father is and Astrid has a sister? She grew up in Florida, and lives with her family outside Washington, D.

Forget everything you ever knew about unicorns. See the complete Killer Unicorns 0.

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Writing-wise, Ms. Peterfreund is in top form with her crisp, light prose, and Rampant is completely engaging and compulsively readable. I have no complaints. Although I do have to say that I had a little bit of difficulty getting into the book to start with. But once Astrid arrives in Rome and the story effectively kicks-off, the plot moved along smoothly for me.

And what a story — from the mythology surrounding the Unicorns dating back to Alexander the Great and Roman Gods to the current emergence of the beastly creatures, this book is a fiesta for the Fantasy-inclined reader. These girls are born to a line and to a destiny that at first seems overwhelmingly difficult to accept. All you have to do is to give away your virginity — but by doing so you give away your powers and your place in the sisterhood. Each of the girls has then a choice to make and it all depends on how they see themselves and their future.

Because to accept their Warrior side is also to choose a lifetime of commitment to blood, to war and to being single. The romance plot is a very important one here as well adding another layer of angst to the story. Also, speaking of Rome — what a fabulous setting for the book and Diana Peterfreund seems to know the place really well and inserts enough sightseeing and elements of Roman culture to make it part of the book. Oh, the ludicrousness — I love it. Astrid, the protagonist and first-person narrator of Rampant certainly feels like a genuine teenage girl thrust into a much larger situation, with impossible expectations.

Though it would have been easy to write Astrid as a firebrand, or a stubborn, sword-wielding badass from the getgo, Ms. Astrid is passive — that is, until she finds her own purpose and strength. This heroine might not be the warrior woman readers expect, but she is one that I at least found myself rooting for wholeheartedly by the end of the book because of her solid character arc. The secondary characters in Rampant are varied and add a wonderfully human element to the story. Of these, my favorites had to be Cory, the obsessed know-it-all with good reason for her hate for unicorns and Phil, the slightly older and much more outgoing cousin of Astrid.

For all that I found myself despising her pushiness and singleminded attitude towards Astrid and the hunters, Lilith is another character that felt very real and believable — after years of being marginalized and belittled for her radical views on a then-believed mythological character, when she has an opportunity to be proven right and for her daughter to fulfill her birthright, she of course seizes it with both hands. A bit too good to be true, perhaps. The lackluster hunky Italian dude aside, though, I like that Astrid is forced to confront the choices that she has to make, and Giovanni is a part of that.

At points I wished she would rebel, scream, do something to avoid going on a journey she so clearly did not want. Her arc was such that by the end of the book, I was completely in love with her and understood her decisions — as they were clearly delimited by everything she went through in these pages: from understand her destiny, her heritage, to using her strong desire to be a scientist into researching aspects of the mythology no one has ever thought of.

This is one of the things that I have to give mad props to Diana Peterfreund: for not allowing the Astrid that begins the book turning into a completely different, alien Astrid by the end of it. It is the same character — only one that becomes her own person, who can make her own choices, finally. As a coming of age story, Rampant is a great book indeed. And one where the teenage girl does not depend on the teenage boy for a lifetime of happiness — there is a romantic element to the book and Astrid does draw strength from being with him but not in an obsessive manner.

These kids talk, assess and think about their situation in a very balanced way and still they have their hormones driving them crazy. It is a great balance, if you ask me. Plus she can totally kick his ass and at one point I really wish she would, as I was not so keen on Giovanni. Go figure. I really do hope we can see more of Phil in the next book. But the other girls were not as clearly drawn , unfortunately, which is a shame since they came from all sorts of cultures and backgrounds but I understand the necessity of drawing a line somewhere — to give the other girls more pages and line would detract from the main characters and the main story.

Final Thoughts, Observations, and Rating:.

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Thea: I loved Rampant from beginning to end. Add to that the solid, different characters, and Rampant is one irresistible book. Absolutely recommended, and easily one of my notable reads of I cannot wait for more from Astrid and the unicorns. Ana: Rampant is a great book, with a gripping, interesting plot that never lets go.

With a bunch of strong Girl Hunters and such sympathetic characters such as Astrid and Phil, this one is a winner. And can I just reiterate the fact that there is a pet unicorn called Bonegrinder? Bring on the next book. You can check it out online HERE , or use the widget below:. Additional Thoughts: Killer unicorns. Diana Peterfreund boldly goes where no one has gone before in current literature with her take on these mythological creatures.

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